Our primary output is male-male romance with plot – mystery, adventure etc. – set either in the present or the historical past or in alternate versions of them, sometimes with a supernatural twist. If you like your e-books the way you like your coffee – whether short and dark, hot and steamy or rich and indulgent – you’ll find something to suit your taste here.

Come on in, relax and enjoy our wide variety of same-sex fiction, guaranteed to spice up your day – and all for the price of a couple of cups of designer coffee. It’s not only better for your health, it’s good for the environment too!

New titles

We’re very pleased to be able to bring you news of our titles to be published on 1 May:

Once again Julie Bozza will be exploring an unconventional relationship in A THREEFOLD CORD;  Chris, Ben and Grae are three young actors enmeshed in a web of attractions – the only solution to which seems to be to think the unthinkable.  Yet it’s a delicate process of negotiation, not without its difficulties …

We’re also delighted to introduce you to the work of an impressive new author, Jay Lewis Taylor.  Jay’s book DANCE OF STONE is set in the mediaeval period when religion and superstition were constantly at war – and, for master mason Hugh, being drawn towards his own sex is fraught with the potential for disaster.

These two books couldn’t be more different, yet they both explore intriguing facets of our chosen genre and introduce us to fascinating characters and concepts we may not have considered before – all part of our continuing endeavour to bring you the widest possible variety of high-quality gay fiction!

The two titles we published on 1 February, Jane Elliot’s THIS MEANS WAR and Adam Fitzroy’s THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER WYE,  will shortly be available from our partner sites for those of you who prefer to obtain them that way.

We’re always willing to consider new projects from new authors – so if you have a novel or a set of short stories you would like us to consider please see our Prospectus for details of how to submit your work.


We are happy to be in partnership with AllRomance eBooks, the Smashwords Premium Catalog, and of course our titles are also available for Kindle; there are buy links for these throughout the site.  Please note that the Amazon links go to Amazon.co.uk; we’re sure those of you elsewhere in the world can figure it out!

New books are uploaded to our partners two months after first publication, so please keep checking back with us.

In addition, there will be Print on Demand versions of some of our titles appearing in due course and buy links for these will also be found on the relevant pages. These are made available at the discretion of the individual authors, however, and it is probable that only a proportion of our titles will be published in this way.

If you’d like to join us on the constantly-evolving adventure that is independent e-book publishing, follow our adventures on LJ or, alternatively, on our shiny new blog.